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Learning Styles
What Is Your Learning Style?What is a Learning Style?A learning style is the preferred or most effective way that a person learnsThere are several learning styles but I'm only going to cover a few.VisualAuditoryKinesthetic/TactileReading and WritingS...
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Time For Class!
7 Steps To Finding The Perfect CNA Class, For YOU!I've been training CNA students since 2011. I'm very passionate about assuring the success of my students, from the classroom and beyond. Over the years I have found that not all students t...
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CNA State Exam Tips
CNA State Exam Tips Congratulations! You have passed your CNA class, Lecture (yawn ☺), Skills (yay), and Clinicals. You were able to take what you’ve learned in class and apply it to real-life situations. All while caring for some of the most beautif...
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